Tetrogen-men — RU — Diet — Weight Loss — COD — 347 RUB

Капсулы для похудения Обновлен 11 декабря 2023 (Оффер отключен)
347 RUB
650.00 RUB
Diet - Weight Loss
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DermaniQu is a dietary supplement in the form of oral capsules. When used regularly, it improves the condition of the skin from the inside and delays cell ageing processes. The specially selected ingredients make the skin firm, nourished, moisturised and smooth.The product is recommended for everyone who wants to take care of the appearance and condition of their skin. The supplement was created for people who wish to have healthy and supple skin. CONTENTS OF THE SMALL PACK: 30 capsulesCONTENTS OF THE LARGE PACK: 60 capsules