Stimeo Patches — SE — Enhancement — COD — 987 SEK

STIMEO PATCH Solution are innovative patches supporting potency.Patches are an innovative, extremely effective method of supporting male potency, consisting in transdermal therapy: the gradual penetration of active ingredients through the skin, directly into the bloodstream, which makes the effects of the treatment more noticeable. The patches are soaked with plant extracts, known for their properties of affecting male potency, they support the increase of libido and extend the duration of the erection, thereby supporting the increase of the size of the penis. Thanks to the discreet and convenient form of the patches, the use of the product is extremely easy. The package contains 30 patches, which corresponds to a monthly treatment. Обновлен 22 июня 2024 (Оффер отключен)
987 SEK
21.00 USD
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